How to Add a Business to Google My Business?

Are you wondering how you can create the free Google Business account for your client or your business? You can add the business details to Google My Business listing by following a few simple steps. 

The Benefits

  1. Creating a Google My Business account increases the reach of your business and offers a view across the globe. 
  2. Customer interactions help you to improve your service and hence the revenue.
  3. Personalized service leaves an everlasting memory in your customers and gives your brand a unique value. 
  4. Skyrocket your business with the help of a simple account. 

How to Add Business to Google My Business

While reading this article, match the numbers in the list with the numbers in the screenshot of the image. 

  1. The first screenshot shows a google account professional profile. You can also create a similar profile by following the steps explained in this article. 
  2. Visit the home page of google my business using the following URL:
  3. Feed the name of your business. While doing so, make sure your business name is unique (not already taken).
  4. Choose the category carefully. You have to choose the one related to your business. 
  5. Start typing the category to find the relevant one from the list google suggests. 
How to Add Business to Google My Business
  1. Add location details to your google business account if your business demands the location. Otherwise, you can choose 'no' and move on to the next step.
  2. Fill address details if you have chosen 'yes' in the previous step. 
  3. Include the details of the service area if you are offering service only in a particular geographical location. 
  4. Add a phone number if you wish your customers to communicate with you over the phone. 
  5. Include the details of your website, or choose the second option if you don't need a website, else opt for creating a free website.
  6. Finish and start managing your listing in google business profile. 
How to Add Business to Google My Business
The next phase includes a basic level of customization. 
  1. Include the details of your business days.
  2. Add the business hours for each working day.
  3. Write a crisp and precise description adding keywords related to your business. 
  4. Add photos and brand logo. 
  5. Continue and create your Google business profile. 
How to Add Business to Google My Business
  1. Witness the home page of your profile. 
How to Add Business to Google My Business

You have learned to create a Google business profile. What if you need to remove or close a particular location?

  1. Go to the 'manage locations' tab, select the business location you want to close or remove, click actions, then choose your option (transfer location, mark as temporarily closed, permanently closed, or remove the location).
  2. Read through the instructions and opt to remove the business location or cancel the process.  
How to Add Business to Google My Business

To edit, analyze, and manage your profile, you need to get your account verified. 

I have explained the process for account verification, navigation of your profile, further customization, adding new locations, and linking accounts in the article 'How to manage Google Business Account?'

Would you like to read the overview of Google My Business? I have explained in the article 'The Handbook of Google My Business Account.'

Please share your comments and queries. I will do my best to help you.

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