Revision History of Google Docs

Be it an individual working on a google doc or team collaborating over it, the version/revision history of google docs comes handy when you want to restore the previous version of the file. 

When you work on a google doc, you need not bother about saving the document often; because google auto-saves the doc for your convenience. Whenever you want to retrieve a previous version, you can check the revision history and access the preferred one.  

    Google version history is of more help when you collaborate as a team. While you review the final document, you would need to check all the recent changes and ensure that the changes are in agreement with the project requirement. The comments, commenters' names, dates, and time could make your reviewing process easy.

    Revision History of Google Docs

    What is the Revision History of Google Document?

    The revision history of google doc shows all the recent edits, the name of the author who edited the doc, and the date and time of the revision. You can see the changes sorted by date. 

    The version history explained in this article is also applicable to google sheets, slides, and forms. 

    How to View the Revision History?

    You can view the revision history in two different methods. The first step is to open the google doc, of which you want to view the revision history. You can follow either of the below methods:

    1. Click file, go to version history, and click see version history. You can also name the current version here. 
    2. Click the link 'last edit was made...' at the top of the document. 
    Revision History of Google Docs

    Overview of Google Docs Version History

    Naming the different versions of a doc helps for quick access to older files. 

    1. Name/save any version of the doc by clicking the option at the right corner of each date. 
    2. View only the named versions by switching on the 'only show named versions' button. 
    3. Change the date of the edits by double-clicking the date. 
    4. Switch on/off 'show changes' as per your requirements. When you switch off the 'show changes' button, you will see the final copy of the document (without edits).
    5. Accept/reject the suggestions while reviewing the document. 
    Revision History of Google Docs

    As you have understood the overview, you may wonder who can see the revision history and make the necessary changes. The document owner can view and change the revision history. 

    How to Restore Version History in Google Docs?

    To restore the version history, you need to follow the below steps:

    1. Select the date of the version you want to save,
    2. Now you can see the 'restore this version' button at the top of the document, 
    3. Click the button, and copy the preferred version.
    Revision History of Google Docs

    How to Delete Version History?

    You may need a clean and final copy for further processing. Google docs don't allow you to delete version history. However, you can make a copy of the doc in which the edits will not be visible. Moreover, when you share a google doc, the recipients will not see the version history unless you make them 'owner' of the document (using the share options). I have explained the complete details of sharing a google doc in the article 'Share and Collaborate with Google Docs, Sheets,...'

    Is it not possible to undo work already done in the google docs?

    You can review the revisions and reject the unnecessary changes. Otherwise, if you want to restore a particular version, you can make a copy by following the date. 

    Live Collaboration

    When more than one person is working on google doc at any particular time, you can view the collaborator details at the right top of the document. This feature would help to avoid chaotic coordination.


    Google doc is a powerful tool that helps easy and quick collaboration. As an owner, you can customize rights and access to individual recipients. Also, you can change the rights to access the files at any phase of the project.