Google My Business (GMB) Verification

To get your google business listing authorized, you have to get your google my business verification code and feed the code in your google business profile. Then, google will review your profile details, check eligibility, and approve the qualified business account.

Have you not yet created a google my business profile? You can find the step-by-step guide to create and manage a google my business (GMB) account in the articles 'How to Add a Business to Google My Business?' and 'How to Manage Google Business Account?'

Do I Need to Verify My Business with Google?

Yes, you need to. Google verified business is an authorized profile that is eligible to appear in google search results and map. 

Once you get your business listed on google, you will see increased business opportunities. With a verified google business profile, you can also get a complete insight into your business analytics. The analytical details and customer reviews will be of great help in developing your business.

Google my business verification

How Do I Verify My Google Business Account?

While creating a google my business profile, you will encounter a prompt for google business listing verification. Google has some metrics to decide the verification method. The widely used google my business verification methods are as follows:

  1. Postcard - in this method, you will receive the google my business verification postcard at your postal address.
  2. Phone - in the phone verification method, either you can choose text message or voice assistance to receive the code. 
  3. Email - if your business is eligible for email verification, google will send the code to your email id. You can click the link in the email to verify the business listing or log-on to your google business account and feed the code. 

Hence, google may ask for your postal address, email id, or mobile number for verification purposes. 

Where Do I Enter My Verification Code for Google?

The home page lists all the necessary actions to be taken for your account. If your account is unverified, you can find the 'pending verification' column on the home page. You can feed the google verification code in the pending verification column and get your google business profile verified. 

Google my business verification

How Do I Verify My Business On Google without an Address?

A few businesses would not need an outlet or service location due to the nature of work. In case google insists on going for postcard verification for such business listings, you can try using your personal address as an address for correspondence. Google will not display such addresses on google my business profile. 

Bulk Verification

Businesses having 10 or more locations can opt for the bulk verification method. You have to read through the conditions before choosing this method of verification. Google my business verification page explains the complete details. 

Once you get the bulk verification approved, you can update and manage all the locations in one go. 

How Do I Know If My Google Business Is Verified?

You can check the verification status of your google business profile using the following link:

Google my business verification status

Follow the below steps to find the verification status:
  1. Log-on to the email id associated with your google my business profile,
  2. Open the google business verification page (by clicking on the above link), confirm your email id, and click continue,
  3. Select the business for which you want to check the verification status, and
  4. Get your business verification status displayed on the screen.

Once your business is verified, you can get your business profile listed on Google map.

How long does it take for Google My Business to Show Up?

Once you have created your business profile by following all the guidelines provided by Google and verified your business, Google will take 3-4 days to review your business profile.  Upon clearance of all the checks, Google will list your GMB profile on search results and maps in a few weeks.

GMB Instant Verification without Verification Code

While most local GMB profiles use verification code received via mail, a few businesses such as Service-area & hybrid business have the option for verification by email, phone, or search console. 

In case you are a verified owner of a business on google search console, you can instantly verify your GMB by using the same email id. In other words, your email id should have ownership on the google search console and GMB profile.

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