How to Change Email id in Google Business?

Changing the ownership of the google business account is a simple and authentic process. You can add/delete an owner/manager using their Gmail ids. Let me explain how you can change user settings to have complete control over your Google business profile. 

    What are Google My Business User Roles?

    Google business listing has four types of user roles as follows:

    1. Primary Owner - Having one primary owner per google business account is a mandatory requirement. The user must transfer the role to another user before leaving this particular position. 
    2. Owners - You can assign multiple owners to a google business listing. The owners have capabilities over all the functionalities of the business. 
    3. Managers - The capabilities of managers are up to managing the business. They can neither change the users nor remove the business listing. 
    4. Site managers - They are similar to branch managers who can handle the business of only a particular branch. 

    The users can use their email ids as their unique identity for handling google business profile. 

    You can find the comprehensive details of user-roles on the 'Google My Business Help' page.

    What are Google My Business User Roles?

    Why should You Change Google Business User Roles? 

    Are you planning to designate a new manager, expand your business and appoint site managers, make partnerships in your business, or hand-over your google business account to a new owner? In such scenarios, you would have to add/edit/delete user roles according to the requirement.

    You can change/transfer the user roles and business capacities by changing the email ids of google business account. For example, deleting the email id of the primary owner leads to the addition of a new primary owner and a change in the ownership of the business.  

    How to Change Google Business Email?

    You can follow the below steps to change the email address and update user roles in google business account. 

    1. Click on the 'users' tab of the left pane of your account to open 'manage users' pop-up.
    2. Click 'add users' to add the email id of the new user.
    3. Type the email id of the user, select role, and invite. 
    How to Change Email id in Google Business?

    The user can accept/deny your request to take part in your google business listing. 

    You can update the role of the users by following the below instructions:  

    1. Change the role of the user by opening the 'manage users' pop-up and editing the roles according to your requirement. 
    2. Read through the instructions while making a user as an owner of the account. The managers and site managers do not have administrative capabilities, and hence you would not see any pop-up message while assigning users in these roles. 
    How to Change Email id in Google Business?

    How can you remove a user from google my business account? 

    1. Delete a user profile by clicking on the 'x' at the right side of the email id. 
    2. Read through the instructions and remove the user.
    How to Change Email id in Google Business?

    How to Transfer Google Business Listing?

    You have to change the primary owner on google my business profile to transfer the account. Follow the below steps to change the primary owner:

    1. Add the new user whom you would like to make as the primary owner of the Google business listing.
    2. Edit the role and select 'primary owner.' While doing so, the existing primary owner would lose the capability.
    3. Read through the instructions carefully. The primary owner has all the control over your business (including the power to delete your google business profile).
    4. Transfer the account to the new primary owner.
    How to Change Email id in Google Business?

    I have provided an overview and tips to effectively handle Google business account in the article 'How to manage Google Business Account?'


    All the users of Google my business profile have a separate email id and password to operate the account. Multiple owners are allowed to handle the business. However, the single primary owner has the ultimate authority. Managers and site managers have distinguished roles and capabilities to do their job. 


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