How can I Add My Business to Google Maps?

Adding Google My Business (GMB) profile to google maps helps your customers to find your business location in a few clicks. Getting my business on google maps is an easy, free, and reliable advertisement method.

Most people google before opting for any service from the vendors. Google reviews and ratings help you to attract more customers.
    If you are running an outlet, google maps can help your customers to reach your place by showing the following information: the route, the available mean of transportation, and traveling time. 

    Is It Free to Add a Business to Google Maps?

    Yes, you can add your business to google maps free of cost. Google has a treasure of information; hence it doesn't charge for enriching the data source. 

    The only condition that google follows strictly is the reliability of your business details. Google appreciates honest information and helps you to develop your business. If google catches any false information on your profile, your account will immediately be blocked.

    How to Add My Business to Google Maps?

    Before adding your business, make sure it doesn't already exist on google. In case your company name already exists on google business listing, check the address, products, and service details to ensure it is your business profile:
    • If so, you can claim your business profile and get it verified.
    • If not, try to make some changes to your GMB profile to distinguish your business from the one already available on google.

    Now, let me explain the steps to get business on google maps:

    1. open google map, click the menu at the top left corner, type your business name in search;
    2. check if your business name is already available on google maps; if so, you can follow the steps explained in the above paragraph; if not, follow the proceeding steps to add your business to google maps;
    3. click the link 'Add a missing place' to proceed further;
    4. fill-in your business details in the pop-up that opens;
    5. add your business name,
    6. select the category carefully because this information helps Google to list your business appropriately,
    How can I Add My Business to Google Maps?
    1. add the location of your business,
    2. add location details/address, if applicable, i.e., a few businesses provide online services and not necessarily need to give the business address to the customers,
    3. help Google to verify your business by adding more details such as working hours, phone number, website, opening date, and photos, and
    4. let google review your suggestion and add your company to google maps.
    Once google accepts the addition that you have made to google maps, you will receive an email notification (as shown below).

    Why is My Business Not Showing up on Google Maps?

    Your business will not appear on google until it is verified. You can find more details on GMB verification in the article 'Google My Business (GMB) Verification.'

    Google maps may not always show your business in search results though your business is verified. You can have the GMB profile updated with correct details to appear on the maximum possible search results. Any newly added business profile or recent edit may take up to 3 days to appear on search results.

    Maintaining your business profile in compliance with google's guidelines will save your profile from being suspended or disabled. You can find the complete guidelines from 'Google My Business Help' page. Make sure you thoroughly understand the instructions before creating your business profile. Also, any edit you that make to your business listing should comply with the guidelines. 


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