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Reference Letters - The Complete Guide

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We use reference letters for various purposes, such as education, internship, job, and personal. A well-written reference letter helps in improving t…

Cover Letter Writing for Job Portals

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Why should the cover letter for job portals, such as Monster and Indeed, be written with special care? How is this different from writing for a speci…

Cover Letter Writing for Job Application

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A cover letter is a token that you send to gain the attention of a recruiter. Sending a good cover letter increases your chances of being considered …

How to Write a Resume? A Smart Resume is Your Key to Success!

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Before analyzing the rules and guidelines of writing a resume, let us understand ‘what is a resume?’ A resume is generally a word document or a PDF t…

The Ultimate Tips for Salary Negotiation

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A better understanding of salary and its components help you to negotiate salary effectively. As most of us think, salary negotiation does not end at…

The Ultimate Job Interview Tips

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The best job interview tips and techniques help even an average candidate to get placed. On the other hand, a highly qualified candidate may miss the chance because of lack of preparation. 20…

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